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Canna – Cannaceae – Tuberous - rooted - perennial.  Full sun or shade.  
Spikes of large flowers on stalks 3-6 ft. blooming in summer and fall.  May
be left in the ground in lower, coastal, and tropical south.  Further north,
dig tubers in the fall and store.  Plant after danger of frost.  Most effective
used in groups of single colors.  Use as borders, around pools, or in
large pots on patios. - Price:  1 gal. $5
Heirloom Onions - "Homestead" - (Multiplying Onions) - Perennial - Full
sun or shade. Onion is sweet and is a preferred table onion.  Plant can be
grown just for the green tops to be used in cooking.  Tops can be cut
weekly.  Freezes well after chopping for cooking.  Drought and insect
tolerant.  Sends up a shoot in spring that may have 10-15 bulblets in one
season.  Bulb may increase as much as 18 times.  Divide and replant to have
continuous onions.  This heirloom onion has been in our family for over 40
years - Price:  Plugs $3 ea. or 1 gallon (mature plant) for $5 each.
Red Trumpet Creeper –  Campsis -  Deciduous vine.  Full sun or shade.  A
favorite with hummingbirds and butterflies.  Fast growing vine that works well on
a trellis.  Vine can also be trained as a shrub or flowering hedge.
Price:  1 gal. $5
Thrift Evergreen ground cover.  Great for slopes.  Beautiful as a border.  
Long blooming with lovely small pink flowers in early spring.
Price:  1 gal. $5
Turk’s Cap – Malvaviscus arboreus drummondii – Perennial.  Part
or full shade.  Hardy and easy to grow.  Tolerates drought, and rocky or
alkaline soils.  Bright red blooms from early summer until fall.  Great for
hummingbird gardens.   May reach 9 ft. in mild, long growing seasons,
but usually 3-5 ft. - Price:  1 gal. $5